Dieser Mix startet mit einigen Chord-Sounds und vermischt sich langsam von ambient beginnend mit melodiösem Deep House. Im gesamten mehr Deep- als Tech House. Auf jeden Fall: deep!

This mix starts with some chords and carries on with a slight shift to deep house melodies. Going from ambient and entering into the club with very deep, minimal melodies. It’s deeper house than tech house, but deep in any case.

MIX12 Train Dreamer
Artist: Soundwiese
Title: Train Dreamer Mix
Mix-Nr: SOWIE MIX 12
Year: 2011
Style: Easy Minimal Melodies, Deep House, Dub House
Time: 75 Minutes

01 0:00:00 Martin Nonstatic, Without A Name
02 0:04:55 Fingers In The Noise, Sunday 9
03 0:08:55 Koygo, Across The Border
04 0:16:20 Freund der Familie, Blaugrau
05 0:21:10 Gabriel Ananda, Radiodust
06 0:28:15 Alessandro Crimi, Dubweiser
07 0:34:45 Autumn Tree, Blue Flower
08 0:38:50 Martin Donath, Véranda
09 0:46:10 Jichael Mackson, Venga (Lo Que Venga)
10 0:52:35 Lomez & Ivaylo, Flies (Nuno dos Santos Remix)
11 0:57:00 Milton Jackson, Open My Eyes
12 1:01:30 Christopher Rau, Soulful
13 1:07:35 Jamal Moulay, Stay Frosty
14 1:10:12 Anders Ilar, Downahill