Ich mixte dieses Dubtech-Set auf einer Geburtstagsparty eines guten Freundes. Beginnend mit dubiger Electronica, fortlaufend zu mehr dubigem Tech House. Eine sehr bedachte Auswahl der Tracks und deren Mixing. Lass Dich fallen in dubige Chordsounds. Deadbeat & Trentemøller sind definitiv die Set-Gewinner, da des Geburtstagskind Lieblings-Interpreten.

I played this dub style-based mix at a very good friend’s birthday party. I started with dub electronica and continued with dubby tech house. The approach and choice of tracks were done in a very careful manner, with the aim of conveying a sense of depth and holding it throughout. Let yourself fall into dub tech sounds. Vote for Deadbeat & Trentemoller!

MIX03 Dub Affairs
Artist: Soundwiese
Title: Dub Affairs
Mix-Nr: Sowie Mix 03
Year: 2009
Style: Dub Techno, Electronica
Time: 78 Minutes

01 0:00:00 deadbead, open my eyes that i see me
02 0:04:19 mike monday, bhalobashi sideshow dub
03 0:09:54 deadbeat, let it rain
04 0:14:15 trentemoller, evil dub
05 0:18:11 lulu rouge, runaway boy
06 0:20:47 deadbeat, roots and wire
07 0:27:20 trentemoller, nightwalker
08 0:30:06 brommage dub, dub one
09 0:36:11 trentemoller, rauta (girl mix) 
10 0:44:54 mikkel metal, peaks anD troughs
11 0:50:11 rhythm & sound, queen In my empire
12 0:54:35 lulu rouge, melankoli
13 0:58:09 stalker, forcast
14 1:03:15 trentemoller, rauta (boys mix) 
15 1:08:16 vladislav delay, truly
16 1:14:55 mikkel metal, bodium